Axonic on CNBC: Mixed Signals in the Economy

Apr 15, 2024 | In the News

CNBC’s Closing Bell recently interviewed Peter Cecchini, the director of research
at Axonic Capital, live on April 3, 2024, to provide insights into the current
economic landscape, Federal Reserve strategies, and market valuations,
offering his perception on what lies ahead for investors and the broader

Cecchini evaluates the mixed signals coming from the current economy,
particularly the discrepancies between high-frequency data and hard data in
employment across services and manufacturing sectors. This inconsistency
raises questions about the FED’s next moves.

“I think a scenario that’s interesting to contemplate is one in which the FED has
to stay on hold because there’s just enough evidence that inflation is percolating
once again and the economy starts to really slow in the second half of the year,”
says Cecchini.

While the economy and markets may present a mixed picture, Cecchini’s
analysis on CNBC’s Closing Bell offers valuable perspectives for understanding
current trends and preparing for potential shifts in the second half of the year.
If you have any questions about Axonic’s strategy during the current economic
landscape and what you can do to prepare your portfolio, please do not hesitate
to contact us.

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